"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life."

- Elise de Wolfe


My name is Lindsay and this is NorthernDaisy.com, a place where I aim to inspire others to live intentionally and travel lightly. After learning the value of a work-life balance the hard way post-college, it quickly became clear just how easy it is to lose inspiration and creativity when working full-time. So this is the space where I share how I live intentionally (re: how I spend my time, where I travel, how I stay close to what brings me joy).

I whole-heartedly believe there's joy in the small (often over-looked) things. Northern Daisy is here to inspire others to cultivate a life they love through an intentional lifestyle and to hopefully be brave enough to book that long-desired plane ticket; a reminder (or nudge) we could all use sometimes.