the gal behind Northern Daisy.

Northern daisy is a lifestyle and travel blog by Lindsay Ashcraft aimed to inspire creativity and delight. 

It all started when...

I was a recent college graduate, hustling at a startup with long hours until I suddenly realized just how easy it was to loose inspiration and a sense of self. So, this is the space where I share living intentionally and traveling lightly. Two things that fill my life with immense joy. 

I whole-heartedly believe there's joy in the small (often over-looked) things. Northern Daisy is here to inspire others to cultivate a life they love through an intentional lifestyle and maybe even nudge you to book that long-desired plane ticket across the sea. 


And my highlight reel:

I've worked as a Social Media Manager and Internship Team Lead at a social media agency for over three years. I help brands communicate their authenticity and reach their ideal customers. In addition to working full-time, I offer consulting in multiple areas - from content creation, social media strategy and management, web copy writing and more, I love finding unique ways to communicate a brand's message. 


fun facts:

Non-blog job: Social Media Manager
Myers Briggs: INFP
Spirit animal: leslie knope
Guilty pleasure: cherry poptarts

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Favorite pattern: stripes
hero: Cher 


Follow my Everyday adventures: @northern_daisy