3 Ways to Have a Happier Day

It's finally starting to be that time of year when the weather turns more gloomy in California. I always forget how much the weather changes affect me; it's darker in both the mornings and evenings, leaving a general cloud of ambivalence. I always have to remind myself to find things to look forward to and remember my personal tricks for having a better day when I feel like I'm in a bit of a funk (weather permitting or not).  Here's what usually works for me to turn around my day when everything seems a bit too gray.

1. Get Outside

This might sounds contradictory if the weather is awful, but going outside is still my favorite way to kick the blues (although maybe that's because I live on the west coast). At the very least, the cold weather will probably perk you up. There's something about getting out of your head and onto the pavement or into nature that makes you realize that life goes on and there's always a reason to be happy (even if it's just running into a cute dog on the street). 

2. Go out of your way to do something nice for someone

I learned the true meaning of friendship through acts of kindness that weren't deserved, expected or done for any other reason than to simply be kind. This mindset makes the world a better place to live in and anytime you can contribute good vibes to another person, everyone involved is going to feel better. Someone posted the idea of paying overdue lunch accounts at a public school recently as an act of kindness and I thought that was such a sweet idea! Another great idea is paying for cup of coffee for the person in line behind you or sending positive note to stranger. Thinking about how you can contribute simple acts of kindness during your day will undoubtedly shift your mindset.  Even the darkest of days can change when you realize you contributed some light to the world (ESPECIALLY when you didn't feel like it).

3.Give yourself grace -- Write a "Do Tomorrow" list

This one isn't recommended quite enough. Sometimes you need to have a little grace with yourself and try again tomorrow. We're all human and have days where we feel defeated and that's totally okay. You can't expect to be a machine who works at 100% all the time. Plus, pushing yourself when you're not in the right place is going to produce crappy work anyway and your mood will probably bring those around you down. When days like this hit, I usually write a "Do Tomorrow" list of things that aren't urgent and will just have to wait until tomorrow for my own mental health. As hard as it is, hitting pause is so necessary sometimes and you'll be better for it when you do -- seriously, I PROMISE the world won't end if you take a personal hour, half-day, day, whatever. Life is simply too short to not take care of yourself. 

Love this mantra from  Rachel Allene  -- so on point! 

Love this mantra from Rachel Allene -- so on point! 

What things help you when you're having a bad day?