Reminder: Celebrate the little things

celebrate the little things

Anybody else feeling utterly exhausted by always looking ahead to what's next? As of late, I've unintentionally been focusing on every aspect of my life I wish was "better", moving faster, or completely different. Thinking way back to the beginning of the year when I writing my resolutions in a tiny room in India, I remembered one of my resolutions was to be braver. I have the tendency to think "I'll wait until I'm ready", but to be honest, I'm not sure "being ready" exists in a world that moves so quickly. In many ways, I've been braver and tackled things I was afraid of (i.e. traveling to India, driving in big cities (sounds silly, but car accidents can really shake your confidence), starting this blog, speaking up more in difficult situations, etc.) As much as I want to be brave about every decision I make it's not healthy to always be looking ahead. Plus, I've personally found this mode of constantly looking ahead causes me to get into an emotional funk. So, I'm taking this funk as my reminder to celebrate the little things; the things I'm grateful for and the things I'm taking for granted. What does celebrating the little things look like? It can look different for everybody, but here's what it's looking like for me this week:

  • Writing down 3 things I'm grateful for each day
  • When someone asks how my day was, I'm start with sharing what the BEST part of my day was -- even if it was super small.
  • Savoring my coffee/tea in the morning by waking up earlier 
  • Scheduling time in my day to do something for myself (no guilt allowed)

I could go on and on, but my favorite way to snap out of a funk is to celebrate those things often overlooked that are totally worth feeling joy over (see: rainy days with cozy blankets, finishing a to do list, getting a new opportunity). Things could always be "better", move faster, etc. but as we all know life happens regardless of how we wish it would. I'll keep working towards bravely approaching goals, but that doesn't mean I'll let thinking ahead swallow every minute of my time or convince me that I can't take an afternoon off to enjoy life anyway. So, in case you needed the reminder too; you are right where you need to be and I hope you feel like celebrating that.

What little things do you love celebrating?