A Day Trip to San Francisco's Museum of Modern ART

sf moma

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has been closed due to an expansion for the past three years and finally opened its doors this past May! In addition to a new look, SFMOMA now includes nearly 45,000 square feet of art-filled free public spaces which make a trip to SFMOMA more like a place you don't want to leave. There is also a Sightglass located inside the building which contains unique photo booths and interactive photography slides, making it easy to play and observe while taking a break from walking around. I was so happy to take a personal day (let's call it a mental health day really) to experience inspiration to pick back up a pen, paintbrush, and camera. My idea of a perfect day always includes a trip to a modern art museum -- there's just nothing like seeing so much out-of-the-box thinking to give you faith in humanity to know that creativity reigns through tragedy, triumph and can make you rethink the ordinary. The current exhibits range from Pop Minimalist and Figurative to British Sculpture to Post-war Japanese photography and much more. I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos of my day wandering through SFMOMA in case you are in need of a little visual candy (or haven't made it to SFMOMA yourself yet!). Also: Things to just read in case museums aren't your thing...

SF MOMA America
SF Moma Installation
Elvis Andy Warhol
Ellsworth Kelly.jpg
Dolly Parton Andy Warhol
light installation sf moma
SF MOMA gallery
SF MOMA photography

There are 7 floors in the newly renovated SFMOMA and I honestly don't have a recommendation to the order -- I prefer to pick whichever floors suit my fancy. If you're ready to break for a cup coffee though, note that Sightglass is on the 3rd floor ;)

Have you been to SFMOMA?