Farmer's Market Guide

farmers market guide

It's no secret that I love a good Farmer's Market. It's truly one of my favorite weekend rituals whether I'm at home or traveling to a new city, so I typically make it a priority to scoop up some local produce and goodies once a week. While it can be fun to wander around aimlessly (which I often do!), it's also nice to squeeze the most out of my trips. Here's how I like to add a little purpose to my perusing: 

 Make a list

The Farmer’s Market is basically your outdoor grocery store, so why not go in prepared? It's definitely fun to grab weird fruit and splurge on a funky looking air plant, but it can also leave you wondering where your $40 dollars went. I find making a list helps to have a basis for shopping, that way you can actually save some money by meal planning.

Take a lap

This is the key to finding the best deals and avoiding paying three times as much for that bok choy that's a dollar down the next row. Farmer's Markets are already pretty cheap, but I'm all about stretchin' that budget, so I can treat myself to some fresh flowers or a latte. Taking a lap around the market can also help to prevent you from any impulse purchases (like that green juice in a bottle you literally just bought all the ingredients for).

Make friends with farmers

Being a friendly face can have its perks! By becoming a regular with farmer vendors, I've experienced discounts and being saved some of the best selection of produce. Besides the perks, it's pretty rad to get to know and say thank you to the person who grew my food. 

Ask for samples

I don’t think I’ve ever been turned down when asking for a sample. It’s nice to get adventurous with new fruits or veggies once and while, and samples are the best way to do it. If I'm considering trying something new, I'll also strike up a conversation to figure out some recipe ideas to use the produce.

What are some of your favorite ways to peruse the farmer's market? Any tips?