Worth Noting: 8.12.16

In the spirit of savoring the little things, Iโ€™ll be sharing a few things โ€œworth notingโ€ to me every Friday. I love sharing a great book, show, product or just memorable moments from the week. "The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." - Jon Kabat Zinn.

PODCAST: Pantsuit Politics

This is a rad podcast where two females (one Democrat and one Republican) talk about the current political climate in a way that favors nuance. In the midst of a bitter election season, I find hope in hearing two people with vastly different beliefs be able to have a calm, reasonable conversation that doesn't include name calling. If you're into politics and podcasts, I highly recommend! 

EATS: Petit Pot

This is a San Francisco-based company that reached out to me to sample a few of their french puddings. I'm not one to turn down dessert all too often, so I was super excited to try their tasty variety of flavors. Each pudding comes in a mini jar and is made with organic cream and sugar. You can eat it straight out of the jar and it's decadently delicious!  You can grab some Petit Pot desserts for yourself here. 

READS: The Girl on the Train

I'm basically just working my through books Amazon suggested to me after reading Gone Girl. I literally could not pry that book from my hands; it was so addicting! That being said, I'm about halfway through The Girl on the Train and am really I'm loving it. I'm finding myself completely immersed in the writing style of Paula Hawkins; she has a real knack for stringing words together that stick with the reader long after a page is finished. I can't wait to finish and dive into the last few Summer reads on my list  [see: Jonathan UnleashedThe Girls, Thinking Fast and Slow, and Luckiest Girl Alive.]  Despite my ever-growing list, I'm always looking for book recommendations, if you have them! 

This weekend I'm looking forward to starting a new photography project for a local brand and soaking up some outdoors time in the park. What are you looking forward to this weekend?