Things to do in Seoul, South Korea

seoul south korea

If you ever get the chance to travel to South Korea, I highly recommend visiting Seoul. It’s a gigantic city with a constant pulse for technology, life-changing bibimbap, and incredibly kind people. I visited during March and the weather was cold, but that didn't stop me from happily exploring and wandering. Here’s 6 things I wouldn’t pass up during a visit and would definitely do again: 

Get your photo taken in a photo booth:

The photo booths in Seoul really go all out with traditional costumes, wigs, props, digital stickers, etc. They photos are such a fun way to preserve your memories! I have mine hanging at work and I smile every time I see them. 

Visit the Samsung Lee Museum:

I’m pretty sure this is what heaven looks like. This was my absolute favorite part of my time in Korea because it’s seriously just floors and floors of dreamy art. Put your headphones on and block out the world. Pure bliss.


Visit a puppy café:

Crazy café culture thrives in Seoul. I visited Cafe Sangsang Dabang, which is near Hongik University and spent adequate amounts of time cuddling dogs. It’s free admission, but not really because they make you buy one drink per person (expect the drink to roughly translate to 7-8 + American dollars). But for dog lovers, it’s a small price to pay. I also noted a considerable amount of cat and goat cafes. Each to their own! 

Eat authentic, skip American:

I feel like this should go without saying, but I’m always surprised to hear how many people try to find food like back home when they’re on vacation or traveling.  I’m more of the eat-all-the-authentic-food-you-can-stomach kind of girl, and visiting Seoul was no exception. Authentic dishes like Bibimbap , Chimaek (fried chicken and beer pairings) Tteokbokki (street food worth the stomach ache), Samgyetang (boiling ginseng soup with a whole chicken!) and of course, amazing korean bbq places – who doesn’t love to watch your food cook? 

Namdaemun Market:

Craving a little culture shock? Go to the Namdaemun Market! I’ve never seen so many things and people in one place in my entire life. The stimulus is very real with floors and floors of little shops and artisans and K Pop souvenirs all squished together. There’s also an epic flower market building that is worth the trip alone. Being in an entire building of flowers? Yes, please!

Seoul is also a great place to wander around and explore. There's a constant juxtaposition of traditionalism and modernism at play in the city scapes. Even wandering around at night, I always felt safe and there was plenty of vibrant life to observe. 

Have you ever visited South Korea?