A Weekend in North Lake Tahoe

a weekend in tahoe

Living in Northern California really provides the luxury of being able to travel short distances to be somewhere completely new (a city, a national park, a beach, etc). My family rented a cabin for the weekend as a late summer retreat on the North Shore of Tahoe, and I was stoked to spend a weekend adventuring and digging into a good book. Here's a few things I recommend squeezing in on a weekend: 


It's definitely worth waking up early to get on that crystal blue water before the crowds. It's completely serene and gorgeous to glide across, surrounded by mountains and trees. I rented through Tahoe City Kayaks and they make it super easy with a close-by dock and cheap pricing by the hour. I got a tan and felt energized by starting the morning off with a bit of adventure that Tahoe blue! I'm wearing Salt Water Sandals, which are waterproof and super durable -- a staple when I travel somewhere outdoorsy.  


I sadly wasn't able to capture that magnificent view from 500 feet up, but it was so much fun! I had never been parasailing before, so after I got over the initial terror of flying up, it was well-worth it. There's simply no better view of Lake Tahoe than parasailing above it.

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Lake Forest Beach

I found this spot thanks to the @TahoeNorth Instagram page. It's a relaxing beach with tons of blooming flowers (so naturally I was drawn to finding it). The beaches are a bit rocky, so it's more of a walk-around-and-explore beach, but the views are stunning. Grab a coffee and take in this gorgeous view from the sandier part of the beach. 


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In addition to sandy beaches to enjoy, Tahoe City has  lots of cute shops to wander around with lots of local-made goods and fun places to stop for a bite to eat. Tahoe City Brewery was great; I ordered a Sangria and a burger with house-made chips. It also happened to be National Ice Cream day on the last day of the trip, so naturally I stopped for a cone and one last look at the water before heading out. 

Have you been to North Shore Tahoe? What are some of your favorite things to do there?