Worth Noting: 9.9.16

In the spirit of savoring the little things, I’ll be sharing a few things “worth noting” to me every Friday. I love sharing a great book, show, product or even just a memorable moment from the week. "The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." - Jon Kabat Zinn.


I have super sensitive teeth, so white strips are basically a small form of torture. So, as a result of my sensitivity and simultaneous love of coffee,  I started researching more gentle teeth whitening alternatives and found charcoal to be a pretty decent option. My favorite brand is available here, but I recently discovered Toothy Tabs via Lush and they have a fun option with charcoal called Boom! Have you tried charcoal for teeth whitening before? 

WATCH: Stranger Things + American Crime

I'm pretty sure everyone is obsessed with Stranger Things on Netflix, but in case you haven't made time to watch it yet -- do it! It's a delicious dose of nostalgia and an addicting piece of easy-to-digest science fiction. Winona Ryder couldn't have been more perfectly cast and the child actors are my new favorite! I can't wait for season two.

Another show worth noting: American Crime (also available on Netflix ). Each season is episodic and I've only watched the first, but I was so impressed by how well they provided so many angles of commentary on race and crime in America. It plays well on calling out prejudices and keeps you guessing until the very end. Highly recommend! 

Instagram Account: @lauraiz

Laura is a mom that dresses up her little baby during nap times and the results are impressively hilarious. Sometimes you just need a little more humor in your feed, ya know? Some of them are too much. Baby Björk? Yes. 

This weekend I'm participating in a dog walk called Walk Woof Wag and I'm excited to see all the puppies (follow along on my Snapchat @northern_daisy Saturday morning!). This work week has been a little more busy than usual, so I'm mostly excited to netflix + chill and probably start a new book. Happy weekend!