Worth Noting: 9.30.16

In the spirit of savoring the little things, I’ll be sharing a few things “worth noting” to me every Friday. I love sharing a great book, show, product or even just a memorable moment from the week. "The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." - Jon Kabat Zinn.

National Coffee Day 

I know, I know. National holidays are a dime a dozen, but honestly when free coffee + donuts are involved, I'll buy in. I woke up early on Thursday to snag a free coffee and donut from Krispy Kreme, because yes. Did you celebrate National Coffee Day

Free prints app

I love the ease of taking photos on my iPhone vs. camera, but I don't always get around to printing them (as I'm sure is the same for everyone else on the planet). I've used specific Instagram printing sites before, but I love how flexible this app is with sizing plus it's printed on traditional photo paper, not the thicker card stock variety. For those who don't know, the app allows you to print for free and you simply pay shipping -- which is usually less than $2. Hurray! 

The Circus on HBO

I feel like I snapchat this show every week, but I don't care because I'm OBSESSED! This election cycle is nuts in general, but I love having veterans in politics cover and share real-time analysis and behind the scenes. The narration brings a sense of order to the chaos of the campaign, but at the same time it's still fascinating! 

Olivia Burton mini watch 

Contrary to those extra large and trendy Michael Kors watches, I love tiny watches! I prefer minimalist accessories in general and as much as I've tried to get on board with the big watch trend, it just not my thing. So, when I spotted this little gem on Modcloth, I had to have it! The gray band goes with everything and I loved that the accent metal was rose gold to switch it up. [note: this style sold out, but there's a similar style here]

This weekend I'll be catching up on blogging, hitting up a few HOT yoga classes and finishing up The Power of Habit. What are you up to this weekend?