The Best Career Websites for Women

It's not always easy navigating your career path and simultaneously figuring out how to balance the unknown. One thing I've found helpful is making a daily routine of visiting sites that inspire and provide insight into career-based issues. After reading through a few articles, I usually feel energized to go about my day with a new framework or attitude -- something that's especially helpful during that mid-week slump. Here are a few of my favorite career sites to check out!

Career Contessa

From negotiating salary to networking as an introvert, Career Contessa pretty much covers it all. Their writers are always taking unique perspectives and angles on topics to make sure there's something everyone can relate to, no matter what career stage you're at. If you're looking for something a little more one-on-one, they've got that too! You can sign-up for individual mentorship with different career professionals to help offer guidance (though it does cost). 

The Everygirl 

The Everygirl is a bit more lifestyle-focused, but their career and finance section is definitely on point. I love their "Career Profile" pieces that interview different successful women who share their stories and advice on how to achieve your own goals. They're easy to digest and I find them to be really memorable as well. They also offer a lot of quick tips to manage your professional life, which can offer a lot of helpful reminders to get organized. 


Refinery 29 Work & Money

My love for Refinery 29 pretty much knows no bounds. Side note: I love to start my mornings by reading their app called "This AM" for quick updates on what's trending in news, so I highly recommend that as well! The "Work and Money" section on is chalked full of interesting articles for millennials. I find their "Money Diary" pieces to be the most fascinating; they basically have someone anonymously reveal their salary and city while having them track every single purchase they make in a day.  It always makes me stop and think "Yikes" or "Glad I'm not alone". They're highly entertaining but also make you think about your own finances. 

Levo League 

This site feels a bit more like a community than your typical read-and-exit the page site. You can create a profile and follow other professionals to keep up with their articles. They also offer courses and mentorship in a variety of ways. Some of these require money, but you can still get a lot from the site without spending a penny -- including some decent networking opportunities. Have you checked out Levo League? I'm always curious to see how popular this site is with people! 

Do you have any favorite career-based websites you love to visit?