A Brand with a Mission: Common Ground

There are a ton of cheaply made things out there that can be tempting to purchase. But, I made a promise to myself to stop be lured by things that weren't made very well and to generally try to reduce purchasing things I just regret a couple months later. It's harmful for the environment, it actually takes more of a toll on my wallet and it leaves me without things I truly love owning. Thus, I'm always looking for great brands that have values which align with this.

So, when Common Ground approached me with their shoe concept, I immediately knew I was going to love their product. Their shoes are meant to be conversation starters towards progress in social justice issues -- many of them literally have graphics on them to provoke conversation about topics like gender equality, gun violence, immigration, etc. They also donate 2.5% of their sales to Start Empathy, which is an organization dedicated to building a future that helps children master empathy skill sets. Lately it feels like we're struggling to have conversations with each other on tough issues (and not loosing our empathy and compassion in the process).  I really appreciate Common Ground attempting to bridge the gap and using the idea of "walking in each other's shoes" so-to-speak. The best thing you can do is try to find some common ground to continue finding what roots us all, rather than just what separates us. 

"Bloom where you're planted" 

 I snagged a pair from the "Progress" collection, which are a bit more simple and solid-colored -- but design is definitely unique enough to still start a conversation, and they're SUPER comfy (a.k.a my new go-to shoes when traveling/lots of walking is involved). You can check out their website and learn more about what they do here and browse their different collections. 

common ground shoes

Have you heard of Common Ground shoes before? Are there other "brands with a cause" you like to support? 

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