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There's something uniquely special about getting snail mail and packages addressed to you. They make for really good mail days and are much more exciting than the regular flow of bills and junk mail that seem to fill up our boxes most days. So, after a week of seeing ads for this thing called Book of the Month, I caved and checked out their website out of curiosity (and the idea of happier mail deliveries). As much as I love the idea of a subscription, I tend to be a little weary of them because sometimes they can be too expensive for what you get in the long run. However, Book of the Month was different because it's actually cheaper than buying a brand new hardcover book, and as an avid reader with a goal to read more in 2017, signing up for Book of the Month is a no brainer. 


How it works: 

  • On the first of each month, they announce five monthly selections, carefully chosen by a rad panel of literary judges, many of whom are authors, poets, journalists, etc.  

  • By the sixth of the month, you have to choose your book or skip a month if you're not interested in their selections (although I can't see that ever happening).

  • By the 7th, your book is shipped to you! Also: the faster you choose your book, the faster it ships. You can also add additional titles for just $9.99 -- so cheap! 

Last month, I selected The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker which was one of the most unique books I've ever read. The characters were incredibly flawed and so real; it was intensely absorbing. I didn't know much about animation before picking up this book, but had a new found appreciation for the art after reading this. It's pretty lengthy, but it's a really fascinating story that examines the mingling of deep, unconventional friendships, career partnerships and youthful tragedy. The backdrop of the story switches from New York City to the Midwest and the layers of it all are so interesting to peel back. It's not the most conventional read, but if you're looking to really switch things up and keep an open mind, I'd highly recommend it! 

[*note: pairs well with pizza]

[*note: pairs well with pizza]

Bonus: you get a free tote bag and bookmark when you sign up! They also sometimes have early release books open only to Book of the Month members. It's so much fun to choose a new book every month and read about the different, diverse selections -- a lot of the time I end up learning about books I would have never known about. If you're interested in signing up and giving it a try, I've linked to a 1-month trial and a 3-month trial membership below. If you sign up, I'd love to know how you like it!

book of the month tote bag

Snag a Book of the Month trial membership below.

*Note: These links will walk you through creating a new account with your book preferences and you'll get new member pricing on the cheap! Simply start by clicking on "Join Now".