Worth Noting: 2.10.17

In the spirit of savoring the little things, I’ll be sharing a few things “worth noting” to me on Fridays. I love sharing a great book, show, product or even just a memorable moment from the week. "The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." - Jon Kabat Zinn.

I spent most of this week glued to the couch or the bed with the flu (ugh). So, while it hasn't been the most eventful week, I still wanted to share some of last week's moments worth noting and some little things I'm loving right now. Here's to a hopefully healthy next week ahead! 

New Favorite stops: San Francisco

Sir Francis Drake Hotel: 

I was in Palm Springs for Alt Summit most of last week and had a late flight back into San Francisco, which is another three hours from home. Naturally it was easier to stay in San Francisco for the night and luckily I was warmly welcomed by this Kimpton hotel with a last minute reservation. The space is both grand and moody and central to Union Square with lots of great restaurants... a.k.a this meant getting Thai takeout from around the corner and getting to bed early after a crazy schedule, so it was basically a dream. I'd definitely stay there again and recommend it if you're looking to stay in the Union Square location.

My favorite part about Sir Francis Drake hotel: vintage glamour everywhere! I love staying at hotels that really pay attention to the details - it makes the experience so much more fun. They also have a social hour in the evenings from 5-6 pm and I was able to enjoy free tea in the morning before venturing out in the city. Their hospitality was such a treat! 

The lobby is oh-so grand and they offer free organic tea and coffee in the morning. #perks

The lobby is oh-so grand and they offer free organic tea and coffee in the morning. #perks

Hospitality at its finest. The staff is too sweet! 

Hospitality at its finest. The staff is too sweet! 

Special thanks to Kimpton Sir Frances Drake for the discounted media stay rate; however, all opinions are my own.

Trouble Coffee

I first heard about Trouble Coffee through an episode of NPR's This American Life (super interesting piece about toast and mental health!) and ever since then I've been dying to try Giulietta Carrelli's famous toasts. I opted for the Cinnamon toast, but the peanut butter honey toast (pictured below) is equally divine comfort food as well. The coffee shop is located in Ocean Beach SF, which I had never spent time in. Who knew San Francisco had such a laid-back beach town vibe to offer just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown? It was like being transported someplace entirely different, if only for a minute. 

The General Store

Another place I've been wanting to visit in San Francisco for quite some time is the General Store. Each item they sell feels hand-picked and doesn't error on the side of too trendy or tired. From unique cards to gorgeous vintage-inspired clothes and accessories, this spot is tiny but easy to spend an hour wandering through each little nook and cranny. 

Herbivore Botanicals Hair Mist

I prefer natural products whenever available and Herbivore is such a delicious, non-toxic brand. I'm not a big fan of perfumes and that's why I LOVE these natural hair perfume mists to add a little scent without the extra chemicals. It's just water, aloe, alcohol and essential oils and smells amazing. You can grab them here

Brand: Female Collective

This brand is rad! I found Candace Reels (the founder) through Instagram and loved her voice and message. I bought the shirt below featuring Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes and love wearing it (it's a natural conversation starter). Plus, I used to have a shirt like this with the Spice Girls on it when I was 8, so it's almost like it's come full circle, eh? Too bad I don't still have it, but for now, I'm thankful Female Collective exists. Check 'em out! 

Read: Kinfolk Magazine

Like I mentioned earlier, I've had the flu most of this week and (lazily) opted for Netflix instead of reading as much as usual. Thus, I've been watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson which is SO GOOD (seriously, go watch it if you haven't). But, I also picked up this Kinfolk magazine which is focused on travel and it's been nice to mix things up with a little light reading about adventures in travel. You can grab the issue here if you're looking for a little travel inspiration!

Hope you have a lovely weekend! I have some serious catching up to do this weekend from being the laziest sick gal in all of the land, but hopefully it won't be all work and no play :) Do you have any fun plans this weekend?