Bucket List: West Coast Flower fields to explore

west coast flower fields

Emerson said "The Earth laughs in flowers" which feels like the perfect sentiment for Spring. Like most Californians, when Winter fades and the buds start to blossom, I always have the urge to search for anything green or covered in flowers. While it's currently raining in Northern California again, a couple weekends ago I ventured to Table Mountain because the weather was just so gorgeous! During the Spring there are endless fields of wildflowers that eventually lead to a gushing waterfall, so the hike is a flower lovers dream. Plus, there's usually cows happily grazing next to people without a care. 

table mountain
table mountain oroville ca

My recent trip to Table Mountain reminded me of the flower fields I'm still chasing after to see. Here's a few flower fields on the West Coast that are on my bucket list to see: 

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is in Woodburn, Oregon from March to May. It's about 45 minutes outside of Portland and it's filled with over 40 acres of tulips(!). Bonus: They offer a special early morning ticket for photographers to get a chance to take in the view without too many spectators.

IG: CestChristine

IG: CestChristine

Antelope Valley Ca Poppy Reserve

The California Poppy reserve is in full bloom from Mid- February to May and it's basically an orange sea of poppies. There are also a variety of wildflowers alongside the poppies making for a rainbow of color in some areas. Dreamy!

Photo By: Jason Janelle

Photo By: Jason Janelle

Lavender Festival

I love the smell of lavender so much, so this spot in Cherry Valley, California is definitely near the top of my list! There are 20 acres of organic lavender fields and they have a festival in June with different ways to use the fragrant flowers. I personally love using lavender oil as a hand sanitizer alternative, too. 

lavender festival

The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

I've wanted to visit the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch for SO long because every single picture I see is always so beautiful! From March to May, it's 50 acres of gorgeous Ranunculus blooms just North of San Diego county. Yet another reason to visit San Diego soon! 

IG: Caddywompwomp 

IG: Caddywompwomp 

Death Valley: Super Bloom

With all the heavy rain we had in California, Death Valley is having a "Super Bloom" this year and the photos have been incredible! The Dessert Sunflowers are in their rare form just about everywhere you look. I'm still holding out luck that I can see it in person this year. 


Are there any flower fields you're hoping to chase down? Have you already visited any this year? 

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