Growing Your Blog Through Social Media Series: Facebook

Like most people, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. It gives us the ability to keep in touch with friends and loved ones (or curiously stalk people we shouldn't), share thoughtful articles and sentiments (or biased controversies)... you get the picture. In the midst of this communication juxtaposition, if you're a blogger and you're not on Facebook, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your audience. Facebook is still the largest social media network with arguably the most powerful advertising tools available in social media. As a Social Media Manager for small businesses, I continually see how influential Facebook can be to grow a business and increase loyalty with followers. This is especially crucial for bloggers. It's no longer just about how many people are visiting your blog, it's also about how much engagement you're receiving on social media. Impressively, 49% of consumers like a Facebook page to support a brand. Your blog is your brand and if you want to take advantage of this massive platform, then get started with these handy-dandy tips below!: 

1. Fully Optimize your profile 

The first step to optimize your Facebook business page is to ensure that all information is filled out to give people a clear sense of your brand and what you offer. You also want to be sure you're reinforcing your branding with the cover photo and profile picture. It's a good idea to keep the same profile photo across all of your social media platforms - that way you're instantly recognizable to someone who's searching for your pages. Keeping your information completely filled out helps with higher SEO ranking... a.k.a people will be able to find your blog more easily on Google searches, as well as searches within Facebook. 

2. Grow Your Following Organically

One of the first things you should do when you create a Facebook business page for your blog is to invite your friends and family to "like" the page. These people will usually be your biggest supporters and can help give your page a boost in engagement while you're in the beginning stages of growing it!

3. Cross Promote on Other Platforms

Cross promoting (posting about one social media platform on different social media platform) should be an integral part of any social media strategy - especially Facebook. One thing to note: if you're cross promoting, be sure you're not just automating content on each platform. For example, if the only content you have on your Facebook page is only auto-posts from your Instagram, then why would should people follow you on Facebook?? You'll need to diversify your content. Think: interesting articles, new blog post updates, etc. Custom content on each platform is one way to increase engagement and stay at the top of people's feeds, hopefully encouraging them to click that link to check out your latest blog post. 

3. Hack the algorithm

Hit the share button on your personal page after posting. While Facebook's algorithm is always changing, it's a good rule of thumb to work to get immediate engagement on a post -- that way it's more likely to show up on other people's feed. By sharing your Facebook page's post on your personal Facebook, you're instantly sending a message to Facebook that this post is worthy of a share. Plus, your friends and family are more likely to engage with it on your personal page, increasing the overall exposure of the post. 

4. Write Engaging Captions With a Great Image

A useful rule of thumb: Try to end your posts with a question to encourage comments.  Your post should also contain an eye catching image, typically something from your blog to lure your audience in. The great thing about Facebook is it easily allows for conversation, meaning you can engage with your followers in a way that's more personable and real-time than say, comments on your blog. Sharing articles is a great way to start conversations as well! 

5.  Run targeted Facebook ads

Confession: I love Facebook ads. They are incredibly powerful at producing results, even with a tiny budget! You pick your goal [i.e. page likes, website traffic, links to sign-up to something, etc.], your target audience, and your budget and Facebook does the rest of the leg work. Targeted Facebook ads are super helpful way to continually grow your following with the type of people who will want to visit your blog. It's a great "bang for your buck" that I personally don't think other social media advertising has been able to do as well as Facebook. I highly recommend exploring Facebook ads, even with $10 dollars to see what results you can get. 

Bonus Tips:

  • If you're sharing an article, skip the link! 
  • Join relevant blogging, creative conference, platform specific Facebook groups.

Using your Facebook business page to its full advantage to promote your blog is a great way to increase traffic to your blog quickly. Keep your audience up to date and make sure you're giving them a reason to engage with your content by keeping things interesting with questions, eye-catching images, and new updates. Now that you've got Facebook down, that's just one slice of your promotional pie. I've teamed up with these bloggers below to share their expert tips to grow your blog through social media! Check 'em out:

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Which social media platform do you use to promote your blog the most?