Korean Beauty Obsession: Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are like candy is South Korea and you could say I developed a bit of a sweet tooth for them during my visit to Seoul a few years ago. I literally have an entire drawer filled with sheet masks (some even from my Seoul trip years ago!). I love how good my skin feels afterwards and I definitely love how ridiculous they look while on. They also make fun and affordable gifts... a.k.a stock up for Mother's Day! Given my love for these types of masks, I was stoked to learn that MISSHA launched an adorable Sheet Mask Cafe with some pretty freakin' cute masks. The A'PIEU milk sheet masks are my favorite so far (not just for their clever milk box packaging but I will say that it does sway me) but they're incredibly soothing for sensitive skin. 

If you've never used a sheet mask, it's literally what it sounds like. You place a sticky sheet (filled with all kinds of skin-healthy ingredients) over your face and there are slots for your eyes and lips to see and breathe (since not everyone subscribes to that beauty is pain thing). As weird as it can be at first, the results are quick and addicting! Grab some wine, put on a sheet mask and Netflix and you'll thank me later -- it's like a mini spa night on a random Wednesday. Well, kind of anyway. 

My other favorite mask from MISSHA is the Super Aqua mask with snail slime extract to calm skin and prevent skin damage -- again, sounds a little weird, but it makes your skin feel amazing! I love investing in products to have on hand for my sensitive skin that's seemingly always prone to something, so sheet masks are a no brainer for me. 

Have you tried sheet masks? Do you like using them? 

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