A Weekend in Seattle: On Video!

Whenever the promise of a three day weekend lies ahead, I like to schedule a road trip to pursue that extra long weekend bliss. This past weekend, I took a scenic drive up the Pacific Northwest to the rainy city of Seattle (lucky for me the weather was GORGEOUS) to explore the city, attend a concert and make some of my favorite stops in Oregon along the way! 

While this wasn't my first trip to Seattle, it was my first time checking off the major touristy things and they were all totally worth it! From the Space Needle to the Underground Seattle Tour, it was so much fun getting to learn about Seattle's history and landmarks. In between exploring and eating at local recommendations, it made for such a lovely weekend. Bonus: I highly recommend going into the city during a long weekend because so many residents leave! All of the usual traffic and wait times were basically gone. One last thing to note: I especially recommend the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum -- it was incredible to explore all of these creative glass installations, plus it gives you a gorgeous view of the Space Needle, which is next to lots of interesting areas to wander to. 

Here's a quick little video of the trip! 

Have you been to Seattle? What are some of your favorite things to explore?