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I'm a big believer that magic is something you make. I love getting lost in a good novel, dreaming up something to photograph or hearing someone's story of their path less traveled. The pursuit of magic is a constant one and it's found in little and big ways, none really less important than the other. 

Last summer I wandered into a little boutique store, mostly in refuge from the heat and spotted a candle that contained a crystal buried within it. The first word that popped into my head; "Magical". And it basically was. I bought the candle, took it home and its scent has been a simple source of comfort for long days and creative blocks. I've still yet to uncover the crystal, but maybe that just serves as another reminder of patience. 

It almost seems silly that something little like a candle can serve such a purpose, but surrounding yourself with beautiful things can create a little bit of magic to make the mundane less... well, mundane. William Morris wrote, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." Isn't that a lovely sentiment to live by? Or really, to make purchase decisions by? I love to make my house feel like a home and sometimes even something small like the certain smell of a candle that reminds me of home can work its magic to fix a bad day. 

As fate will have it a summer later, a collaboration with Jax Kelly (a.k.a the crystal candle I love) ended up being on the books for this little blog! They create products that seriously delight and I'm just a tad obsessed. From candles to druzzy earings, I've equally loved each handmade item to pieces and think you will, too. 

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Fun facts: 

  • Each candle is hand-poured with high-quality American-grown soy wax, lead-free, with a cotton core wick, and features an essential oil blend for fragrance. 
  • Each piece of jewelry is hand picked to complement the other and radiates an energy to restore your mind, body, and soul. No two sets are the same, and each stone is as unique as you are.
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Which JaxKelly product is your favorite? Do you have any favorite products that bring a little magic to your life?