Rose Matcha Latte Recipe

Some people love matcha and some people think it tastes like grass. I’m in the first camp and it’s not just for the health benefits - I love the taste! I’ve even started swapping my beloved morning coffee for a warm mug of matcha so you know it’s serious. This antioxidant-rich green powder provides a calmer sense of energy that doesn’t leave me crashing mid-morning.

Since I’ve been drinking it so frequently, I started playing in the kitchen to spice up the flavor without adding sugar-y flavors and I think I found my dream matcha combination! The secret: organic rosebuds - or rather, rosebud tea! 

I love the sweet floral flavor of rose tea and it really balances the bitterness of the matcha powder without being too overpowering. You can add any natural sweetener of your choice, I like to use local honey because it helps me during allergy season. Stevia, maple syrup, agave all work too! This combo feels like such a treat in the morning, except you don’t have to shell out 6 bucks to a barista and can enjoy it in your pajamas in under 5 minutes so really, it's you who is winning at life.

rose bud tea

I love the sweet floral flavor of rose tea (mine is Rose Dose from Amazon) and it really balances the bitterness of the matcha powder. Plus, matcha has so many benefits; it’s packed with antioxidants, fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins. To kick it up a notch further, I’ve been mixing in Vital Proteins collagen peptides to the almond milk and it creates a lovely froth.

vital proteins collagen

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Fill teapot with rosebuds, then pour hot water to steep the leaves, creating a tea.

  2. Add honey as desired to lightly sweeten the tea.

  3. Strain the rosebuds out of the tea and transfer into a mug.

  4. Sift matcha powder into mug of rose water, stirring several times OR combine matcha powder, milk of choice (I like to use Califia or Beber almond milk - I actually used their strawberry almond milk the other day and it was AMAZING) with collagen powder and blend for one minute.

  5. Pour your matcha mixture over the rose tea and enjoy! 

rose matcha latte recipe
rose matcha latte
rose matcha latte recipe

Do you enjoy matcha? Let me know if you try this combination! It's become a new morning favorite for me.