April Intentions + a FREE download

Maybe it’s all the sunshine that comes with spring, but I’m feeling re-energized to tackle all those new year goals again. And since I love using this blog as a way to stay accountable to a more intentional lifestyle, I figure I’d start a new series at the beginning of each month to document my monthly intentions.

I like the idea of setting monthly intentions because it forces you to go beyond making to-do lists. Making intentions at the beginning of the month gives you a sense of purpose in how to approach your days and serves as a high-level reminder to check-in with yourself beyond work and the things you “should be” doing.
I find so much value in practicing this exercise at the beginning of the month, so I wanted to create a way to have others join in with me as well! So I reached out to Graphic Designer Steffi Lynn to help me design a downloadable for you to use too. Click the link below and drop your email to snag your Monthly Intentions printable and be sure to tag me if you take a picture of yours!

Okay, onto April Intentions. With multiple weekends of sunshine and flowers blooming in the orchards lately, I finally feel like the slumber of winter weather is nearing the end in Northern California - it makes me so happy! This past winter has been a season of behind-the-scenes work to relaunch my business and tackle new personal and professional goals. It’s resulted in lots of lessons and reminded me that I’m still a recovering perfectionist. So I want to work on showing up more and showing the “in-between” parts, not just the highlights. So with that, here’s my 5 intentions for April.

monthly intentions

1. Focus on the people I can serve NOW.

With the relaunching of a business, comes figuring out packages and pricing for clients. I found myself getting wrapped up in what I saw other people offering who were in a very seasoned and successful business rather than focusing on who I can serve based on where I’m at. People need consulting in all different stages of their business, but I found myself only focusing on what I didn’t have enough of. So this month I’m throwing those thoughts out and figuring how to show up for the people I can serve NOW.

2. Get moving.

I will confess I tend to lose all physical exercise routines when winter rolls around. I basically become a sloth. But now that the sunshine is back out, I’m working on incorporating my morning walks with my favorite podcasts and making it to the gym multiple times a week. I just discovered a pilates class I love and have some accountability-buddies to keep me motivated.

3. Simplify even more

Just like the rest of the world right now, I’m continually walking around my house asking “Does this spark joy?!”. It’s helped me buy less and focus on loving what I have more. On the flip side, there are still areas in my house that feel like I can’t find anything - like my office desk that is a mess of paperwork instantly puts me in a bad mood every time I sit down at it. So this month, I'm tackling these areas that need decluttering and organizing so I can feel better in every room of the house.

4. manifest good things

One thing I didn’t expect when I went freelance full-time: the pendulum swing of confidence in myself. It gets difficult when I don’t have a sounding board for ideas and it can be incredibly easy to over-read into emails that really don’t mean anything. That cycle of self-doubt clouds my mind and really keeps me from making things happen. I’m a big believer in manifesting what you want by showing up and speaking about what you want out of life. It’s incredibly powerful. One thing I’m doing to show up and manifest bigger things for myself: I hired a sales coach to help me boost my confidence and skills in an area that I don’t feel super confident in. Sometimes leaning into a risk can payoff, even if it’s just a shift in your own confidence.

5. Say yes!

Okay, quick story first: One time I went to a guided meditation and the yoga instructor asked us to set an intention for our practice. I told her I wanted to work on “Saying yes more in my life” and she frowned at me and said something like “It’s not just about saying yes, it’s more important to focus on saying no to what doesn’t serve you.” While I got what she was saying, I basically felt pissed off for the entire practice (oops!) because I’m quite good at saying no to things that don’t serve me. But, overbearing yoga instructor aside, I still haven’t found a great balance at saying YES to things that could serve me well. It comes back to confidence and this month I want to work on saying yes to things because I believe in myself enough to see it through.

I’ll be sure to report back on how the month goes at the beginning of May (wow, this year is flyyyyyiiinnngggg by). And don’t forget to tag me in your photos if you share your Monthly Intentions on IG! Or use the hashtag #northerndaisyintentions. I CAN’T WAIT to see your intentions for April!!

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Special thanks to Steffi Lynn for creating this downloadable for me!