Greetabl: The perfect gift for best friends and fun occasions

I don’t know about you, but sometimes gift giving can be a challenge. I often want to find that certain something that makes the perfect gesture and makes the person feel known. But that gets tricky for the person who has everything OR the person who always says they don’t want anything. That’s why I’m stoked I found Greetabl, an online one-stop shop for creatively-curated gifts in personalized packages. I loved this collaboration with them so much, I actually decided to place two more orders after this on my own!

Here’s How Greetabl works (spoiler, it’s super easy and you’re done in just a few clicks)

1. Pick your box design

This might be the hardest part because there are so many fun, quirky, and gorgeous prints to choose from. Some of them are holiday themed, some of them are best friend themed, but there’s a pattern for almost every occasion. The designs really make this gift memorable and unique.

Greetabl gift review

2. Pick your gift that goes inside

The next step is to pick your gift. You can scroll through the gift options which vary from candles to gourmet candy to cocktail bitters. There’s a little something for everyone.

Greetabl gift ideas

3. Add Photos and a message

Now the most fun part: add in a few photos and a sweet message to personalize the box design when it’s opened. Greetabl is basically like a birthday card that’s really extra in the best way.

Greetabl personalized gift review

How I used Greetabl

With my best friend’s birthday coming up, I created a Greetabl with some of her favorite things: tigers and tea! She recently graduated with a Masters so I was able to include a new photo of us and a couple photos of Liza and Harper (re: cutest pups!). My favorite part is that the photos can be torn off to place somewhere special. So fun. 

greetabl gift box
greetabl gift review
Greetabl tea gift

The best part for the gift-giver is it’s REALLY fun to create and it honestly takes the stress out of gift giving - especially for people who tend to be harder to shop for. There is such a variety of fun items that I plan to use this for future life celebrations with friends and loved ones. It's definitely my new go-to gift for birthdays.

Head here to sign up to be a Greetabl Insider and you’ll get a $20 credit for a totally free Greetabl, free shipping for a year and a bunch of other perks! Or you use the code “northerndaisy” for 15% off your next Greetabl using this link. 

Who would you like to send a Greetabl to?