Hosting a Birthday Party for Dogs!

I’ve always been a dog-person. I’ll stop on the street to pet any dog and regularly follow more dog Instagram accounts than I can keep up with. Thus, when I was invited to a dog’s birthday party, I was more than game and happily brought along my camera to capture the fun. If you’re wondering what a dog birthday party is all about, here’s the backstory: Around a year ago, my friend’s Golden Retriever had a litter of puppies who ended up going to relatives and friends in town. To celebrate their birthdays (and have an excuse for a reunion to get everyone together), they hosted a party centered around the pup's one year birthday! 

Does it sound ridiculous? Perhaps. Was it also the best day ever? Yes, definitely. 



Here are the basic ingredients for hosting a party:

  • Dog-friendly treats: Think Happy Birthday Bones, dog cookies, veggies, etc.
  • Dog friends for your dog! Bonus if you can get their siblings together.
  • Birthday Hats for dogs (and humans).
  • Tons of dog toys and a backyard
  • Food for humans, too! 
  • Bonus inspiration from the party planning queens at Oh Happy Day.

Getting a bunch of dogs together is inevitably entertaining for the humans at the party, plus it wears out the very lively and rambuctous one year old retrievers. Basically we should all just be throwing parties for dogs a whole lot more often. #mykindofparty #winwin #seriouslyilovedogs

Look how cute they are!

Look how cute they are!

IMG_3048 copy.jpg

Would you ever host a birthday party for your dog?