Dresses and Jumpsuits: The lazy girl’s guide to dressing up

As a recovering Pinterest-a-holic, I used to pin tons of fashion pictures for inspiration to try new things all.the.time. Somewhere between the lures of minimalism and other interests taking up space in my brain, I stopped thinking about getting dressed as much. Ergo, laziness set in -- or as I like to call it, “Can I just wear my comfiest pair of jeans and t-shirt to everything?!” syndrome. Unfortunately, the answer is not yes because I’m not in college and I’m an adult (kind of).

Despite not having fashion taking up a large space in my brain anymore, I have recently made some purchases that felt really great because they reminded me of the transformative power of clothes. We play dress up and put on costumes when we’re young, which can delightfully inspire a new mood or persona. Fashion can be the same thing for adults if we want it to be, it seems it's just easier for us to forget that. 

Lately, I find myself so inspired by the playful nature of jumpsuits and overalls that it easily improves my mood when I get to slip into a one piece. Plus, they’re like dresses - easy to put on and quickly make you look pulled together with minimal effort… a.k.a that’s exactly what I look for in clothing.

So while I'm not the first, I'm still calling it: jumpsuits and dresses are the lazy girl’s key to looking like you care without a ton of effort. Plus, the 90’s are back in fashion so I think a lot of us 90’s babies are feeling a new dose of inspiration, as evidenced by my (and every other girl’s) current hunt for all the high-waisted Levi’s available. If anything, I  at least I can finally wear my jelly sandals without (too much) irony now.

Boutiques are also rekindling my love for playing dress up (and by playing dress up I simply mean not throwing on the same jeans and t-shirt every day) and that’s why I was thrilled to team up with Intrigue Boutique based out of Denver, Colorado. They have an online shop I found myself pursuing (the powers of the internet are truly magical for where they lead me) and I loved how fun their clothing was without being overly trendy. I was able to snag a few items and they’re all everyday pieces that are easy to dress up or down. One of my favorites was a simple black dress that could easily be a go-to Las Vegas weekend dress, but I dressed it down with a white tee instead--thank you again to the fashion gods for bringing the 90’s back. I also snagged a feather dress that's perfect for Autumn and a fun retro-styled jumpsuit that I'd wear to pretty much any casual event. 

black dress white shirt
black dress
feather boho dress
northern daisy
womens jumpsuits

It’s always nice to get a reminder to not take everything so seriously --fashion can be fun if you’re willing to take a little time to play with it.

Are you into the jumpsuit trend? Do you like trying new trends or sticking with the basics?

Intrigue boutique kindly sponsored this post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. They're a great boutique tons of cute clothes - be sure to keep up with them on Instagram: @shopintrigueboutique!