Photo Diary: Berlin, Germany

After having spent a week in Copenhagen, I hoped over to Berlin for a quick weekend trip and it was as funky and interesting as I imagined. Incredibly cheap flights to nearby countries are one of the many perks to being in Europe, so I was happy to take advantage of a $50 weekend trip to Germany for the first time before heading back to Copenhagen again.

Some highlights:

  • Checking out an authentic bier garten for a giant and delicious pretezel and side of sauerkraut with a generous mug of local beer.

  • Staying at this dramatic airbnb with the SWEETEST HOSTS ON PLANET EARTH.

  • So much people watching. If the 90’s are alive in Portland, they are absolutely thriving in Berlin.

  • This vegan brunch spot.

  • Exploring Berlin’s history at the Anne Frank Museum - somber, but so enlightening.

  • Mural hunting at the East Side Gallery.

It was a quick trip, so consider the rest a virtual postcard!

beer garden berlin
weekend in berlin travel guide
Berlin Wall
anne frank museum berlin
Photo Jun 17, 3 27 10 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 17, 3 32 45 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 20, 5 01 48 PM.jpg
berlin wall germany
Photo Sep 20, 4 57 50 PM.jpg
subway berlin
Photo Jun 17, 2 13 32 PM.jpg
sangria in berlin
So tired, but so happy to have beer and a giant pretzel.

So tired, but so happy to have beer and a giant pretzel.

berlin wall vw mural
anne frank museum berlin travel
bridge berlin germany

Have you been to Berlin? Which photo is your favorite?