Plated: A review of the meal delivery service

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I used to think meal delivery services were too expensive to do on a regular basis. Then one afternoon, after being lured in with a half-off coupon for Blue Apron, I found myself simultaneously signing up for a service I was convinced I’d cancel the next week. Online shopping is weird like that.

Except, instead of hating it and thinking it was over-priced, I thought it was delicious and realized it cut down on waste. Oh and was much cheaper than my eating out habit that seemed to pop up several times a week. #lazy

I was pretty much hooked for while - that is until I watched What the Health and got a *real* fresh reminder to cut back on dairy. I suddenly realized just how many cheese-centered dishes were on the menu week after week and I couldn’t make it work for me anymore.

Not long after cancelling my subscription, I found myself eating out and not even bothering to set a budget again. Because pizza. And vegan sushi. And delicious thai food. You get it. So, when Plated offered to partner with me to try a free box, I thought “sure, why not?”, again, thinking this probably wouldn’t stick since the oh-so-popular Blue Apron plan didn’t end up working for me.

I was SO wrong! The biggest difference? Plated has a huge choice of menu items, many that are globally inspired or have a fun twist. I seriously looked forward to cooking every meal because I knew I was about to eat something more creative than I could ever whip up on my own (but again, #lazy). Plated's options also felt a lot healthier and not so cheese-focused which was a bonus for me. Plus, I've had more leftovers so win-win. So, friends, I’m basically hooked on Plated now and getting a couple boxes a month. And I regret nothing. Ha.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed so far (listing vegetarian menus only):  

Have you tried out Plated? If any of my foodie friends are interested, snag 50% off your first box using this link:

Happy eating!