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Your business isn't black and white.

So let's add a little color to your brand's story. 


For small to medium sized businesses

STARTS AT $100/ 1 hour phone call or skype session


It's impossible to keep up with the latest social media trends when you're running a full-time business. Maybe you just need a fresh approach or an outsiders opinion on your content and don't have the time to research. I'm here to talk shop and provide feedback and solutions to your social media problems. How it works: I'll ask you to answer some questions and detail your social struggles before our call. Then we can hop on a call to get down to business. I'll provide a follow-up email with a recap and any resources I think you might find valuable. 

*This is a good fit for small-medium sized business, as well as brand new businesses hoping to get started on the right foot. 

for new bloggers and micro-influencers

$55 / 1 hour phone call or Skype session

Have you ever thought your audience was "too small" to partner with a brand on Instagram? Do you find yourself waiting for brands to reach out to you because you're not sure how to be proactive to land partnerships yourself? If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, we need to talk. Let's get real about your pain points and provide you solutions to achieve your Instagram goals. The session will be customized to make it the most valuable to you, but here's some of what the session can include:

  • Feedback on your grid and captions + action-based tips to improve
  • Sample pitches to send to brands
  • Best practices for building brand and PR relationships
  • Finding brand clarity and a message that resonates with your audience to grow


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coffee talk

We'll have a video or phone chat (whichever you prefer) and work through your pain points to create an action plan that inspires, motivates and actually produces results.